Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hiking, Ducks & Deer Flies

Lukas and I went on a trek this morning to the park just a few yards from our home. Luke was a handful, but I missed his walk yesterday and he was so frantic to get there, all self control left him. He settled some when he saw the park and realized that he wasn't dreaming afterall.

Two new experiences for Lukas--a flock of ducks. He stared, looked back at me, jumped to my side, stared again, tried to talk to them, and the firmly planted himself next to the bank and lay riveted to their swimming. At one point, I could have sworn this little guy laughed. It was good to see him take such delight in a scene. The ducks made some noises back at him, but seemed quite unworried.

Unsettling was the next occurance--a swarm of black deer flies dove at Luke. There were several and as they became increasingly persistant, Luke started to panic. A 40 lb Berner puppy on a leash in panic mode was the outcome. There was little that I could do to help him. There were so many (and he yelped several times) so I think that he was bitten as many times as he yelped. Managed to get him headed in the direction of home and we started running together. Not sure it helped, but it's what he wanted to do. I decided to trust him. Home at last.


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  2. Wonderful story, Berners are fascinating because they are so engaged with life and living it.

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