Friday, April 17, 2009

Berner baby was up much of the night.  Erm...that crate thing gonna be a challenge for both of us.  I like it less than he does.  Got his collar fitted better, some excellent kibble, and a few chew toys.  

Baby arrived home without incident after spending the day on the beach with his breeder.  The babe Berner slept most of the way home after spending the night with family.  He is a teeny bulldozer but pacific and eager to please. 

Walked into the house with a pleased look on his face and eagerly pounced toward the big dogs. After some serious sniffing, he seems accepted into the pack! Yay.  He is not eating as much as recommended and I'm handfeeding for now but he is drinking and I think just too excited to bother with eating.  Maya decided that looked like a good idea and wanted handfeeding as well (well, why not?) LOL.  

The children were besotted at first sight but showed remarkable self control by offering quiet voices and letting puppy come to them on his own terms.  He had such a pleased look to discover children in his new home!  

All three wolfies are sleeping with big sighs of contentment.  The baby is gated off from the other two (I'm just a little nervous still) but Liam and Maya's noses are close to the gate and they are keeping a close eye on the little guy.  

Welcome to our family little guy.  We all love you.  

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