Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bikers kids & Chocolate Labs

Maya and I went for a long walk today.  It's still cooler temps here and windy besides, but the sun hits her selkie-black coat and she heats up fast.  She discovered (as did I) who is talking to her at night and, incidentally, who she barks at in that baritone, slow and purposeful bark in response--it's a beautiful chocolate lab a few houses down.  I recognized his voice when he greeted her and so did she. She stood at at full attention and was so excited, she shook.  

We took the Presque Isle Bike Path, a winding trail that goes through our town.  Evidently, Maya forgot about bikes because a group of biker kids whizzed by and her countenance registered utter shock.  Not the afraid kind of alarm, but as if to say, "WOW, tres cool mom!"  LOL.  I was grateful that she's quickly learned not to pull me at that moment.  Winter (and people I suppose) was hard on the Path--shattered glass everywhere made apparent by the melting snow.  I'm pretty sure Maya would not tolerate boots, but it was worrisome.  Paws seem fine however and she scarcely seemed to notice.  

Our house is situated on a dead end road and a stone's throw away from Mantle Lake Park. There is a small pond stocked with fish (ah-hem, that's lake to visitors), a ball field, tennis courts, picnic tables, and a thicket with a trail.  It's still too snowy so it hasn't formally opened to the public.  Hoping to visit there in the next couple of weeks.  

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