Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maya and Josh at Mantle Lake Park

Maya and my son Joshua (with his friend) went to the park without the boy dogs.  It was great to spend time with her without the competition for attention and dominance from big golden and little boy Berner.  Mantle Lake is no longer frozen, though, there is snow on the lake banks I noticed and tiny patches in some of the grassy areas.  Maya took great interest in the ducks, the frolicking squirrels, and another dog strolling by.  

Presque Isle doesn't have a dog park, per say but the City has smartly provided bags to clean up after dogs at Mantle so many owners hold doggy playdates and take walks in this marvelous little bit of earth.  Mantle Lake is surrounded by a short hiking trail.  Would like to take Maya and Joshua exploring this weekend and reacquaint them with the trail.  The wild lady slippers are likely to be up soon as well as the Jack-in-the-Pulpits, and Trilliums.  Wanna see those. 

Maya laid down by a little stream that flows into the lake and contentedly watched my little boy and his friend skip rocks.  The boys were squealing with pleasure and jumping up and down--Maya had a pleased look on her face.  She has no interest in chewing sticks or other debris, toys, or digging in the dirt like so many dogs we know but is most content to be with her people, listen to us, and watch us.  She is an awesome companion; quiet and elegant even.  

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