Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lukas at the Park at Sunset

Mantle Lake Park was filled with little children tonight--all wanted to pet and walk Lukas.  Maya stood nearby but gravitates to the smaller children.  She stands near them and allows them to pet her and hug her without moving.  Purely conjecture, but she seemed protective of them. One little one who couldn't stand for long, buckled and Maya nuzzled her nose in her neck and licked. The tiny little girl squealed.  

Lukas, on the other hand leaped and bulldozed and tried to lead the little ones around with his teeth in their clothing.  Sigh.  Some lessons to learn.  We had a few minutes of just us and Lukas sat in the grass and panted.  He hasn't yet noticed the ducks swimming back and forth but he is very interested in the smells along the bank; duck a la poo.  

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